Salon Rouge 

Designer Hair and Nails in Plainville, MA 

Designer Haircuts and Style Services 

Designer Haircuts
Our team creates stunning designer haircuts for men and women. We make you look and feel your best with our continuing education in the beauty industry such as Sexy Hair, Rusk, and Deva Curls.

Child's Haircut and Style (under 10)

Make your little girl feel like a princess with our expert team. Finish off a cut and style with braids or princess sparkles! Boys have fun at our salon too! Our expert cutting skills get him in and out of the chair in no time!

Shampoo/Blow Out

Enjoy a luxurious head massage as our team shampoos and conditions your hair with the best in products.. Create a style that will last you a magical evening and more! Iron work may incur an additional charge.

Special Occasion Up/Do

This service is for weddings, proms and any special event you may be attending. Our highly recommended team is up to date with all the latest wedding trends and can accommodate large wedding parties (traveling or in-house) for hair and make-up.

Make-up Application

From a date night to a prom to a wedding we can create any look you want to be. Using only the best, YoungBlood mineral cosmetics your look will be sure to last the night. False lashes are available to create the ultimate glam look .

SoCap 100% Human Hair Extensions

SoCap extensions are a strand by strand application using a keratin bond. These bonds allow your stylist to customize each strand thickness to your needs. With the right application for your desired look we an create length and/or thickness in just a few hours. SoCap extensions are available in 82 gorgeous shades from highlights to ombre which allows our stylists to match your current color perfectly. We can even create a trendier look with primary and pastel shades.

Hair Coloring and Dimension

Our team is dedicated to continuing education to bring you the best in colors and techniques. Let us create stunning dimension with highlights, balayage, or ombre techniques. Our color lines are gentle and creates long lasting shine and vibrancy.

Full Color and Cut

This is a roots to ends application for virgin hair or all over color change. Let us create a breath taking base color that will shimmer for weeks on end. This service doesn't include highlights but dimension can be added to this package.

Retouch and Cut

This is a service for guests with already colored hair and are looking to fill any natural regrowth with desired color. This service doesn't include highlights but can be added as a service package.

Quarter Foil and Cut

 A quarter foil is the top section of the head, from the front hair line to the crown of the head. A highlight can be done with a mix of high and/or low colors to create optimal movement. This service can also be added as a package to a full head color or root retouch application.

Partial Foil and Cut

 A partial foil covers the front half portion of the head with high and/or low colors. Generally depending on the head shape this service covers from the ear forward and up creating face framing brightness. This service can also be added as a package to a full head color or root retouch application.

Full Foil and Cut

A full foil covers the entire head with high and/or low colors. Full foil can also be translated in balayage and ombre looks. This service can also be added as a package to a full head color or root retouch application.

Placements Foils

Our team can create optimal looks with few placement foils. This service is used to add dimension to specific locations of the hairfall and is wonderful for anyone who isn't ready to commit to high maintenance hair. Placement foils can also be added as a package to a full head color or root retouch application.

Straightening and Smoothing

Rid or disguise unwanted curly and unruly hair with our straightening and smoothing services. We are able to customize the amount of curl removed with our expert techniques and high temperature coated irons.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin is what your hair is primarily made up of. Our products are designed to restore that natural sine and smoothness some hair types just do not possess or that we loose as we age. The hair is restored to better then ever shine and leaves smooth styling effortless. Over time a keratin treatment fades and is recommended to refresh every 4-6 months.

Bio Ionic Chemical Straightening

Bio ionic is the leader in chemical hair straightening products. This is a serious straightening service for those with extremely curly hair who want permanent straight and smooth results. Over time the treated hair will remain straight as the natural curly hair grows in. Regrowth is treated with the same process as ends to create a seamless permanently straight look.

Natural Nail Services 

Let us make your natural nails look better then ever. We work with a wide variety of products such as CND, OPI and Gellish to give you the best service for your needs.


A traditional manicure includes a soak of the nails along with cuticle work. It is finished a hand and arm massage and a polish (or french).


A traditional pedicure includes a soak in our state of the art ultra sanitary whirlpool foot bath. Turn on the massage chair for the ultimate experience. Your toes and feet will feel baby soft after our techs sloth away dead skin and shape the nails. Your pedicure is finished off with a polish or french manicure.

Shellac Manicure

A shellac is a soak off power polish that with continuing applications gives you long strong nails. Each layer of polish is cured under a UV light so you can leave smudge free and go about your day!

Shellac Pedicure

A shellac pedicure is a traditional pedicure with long lasting power polish application. (see shellac description)

Hot Stone Manicure 

Enjoy a traditional Manicure with a hot twist. Our stones are used to massage your hands and arms to give you complete deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Pedicure

Enjoy a traditional pedicure with a hot twist. Our hot stones are used to massage your legs and feet to complete relaxation.


Reflexology can be added to either a manicure or pedicure but can only be book though the salon. Please call in for service and pricing.

Paraffin Dip

Can be added to any manicure or pedicure to infuse moisture into your skin for a silky soft feel.

Artificial Nails with 

CND Brisa Gels

This gel system is sculpted to your desired style then set and cured under a uv light. Brisa Nails are a hypoallergenic, odorless and acrylate-free gel system. Let us create gorgeous, thin, natural-looking enhancements for you!

Gel Full Set French

Using CND Brisa System we sculpt each nail with an inlaid white or cream sculpted tip to your preferred shape and length.

Gel Full Set

Using CND Brisa System we sculpt each nail to your preferred shape and length.

Gel Rebalancing (Fill)

This is a service for those who already have CND Barisa nails already on their nails. A fill is to replace gel that has grown out on the natural nail and to repair any breaks or chips.