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Get Long Luscious Hair with So.Cap Human Hair Extensions

Where to begin-NO PRICES ARE GIVEN WITHOUT A CONSULTATION! Consultation is needed to book an extension application. Please select #39 So.cap Extension Consultation to meet with our technician for prices. Prices are unique to each application depending on factors such as head shape, desired length and thickness. Once discussed, half of the final cost will be left as a down payment to hold the extension application appointment. Our extensions are guaranteed only when followed by proper care and maintenance. 

What is So.Cap?-So.Cap Hair Extensions are 100% Human Hair. They come in 82 colors and shades ranging from primary colors, such as pink, to highlight effects. These are the highest quality affordable hair strands on the market. They are bonded (not glued) strand by strand with a keratin bond. These strands come available in straight, wavy, and curly. Any heat tool can be used on them such as a curling or a flat iron to give you a new and instant style.

Once the desired color is matched, the lengthy application begins. The application process can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete. Once completed this luxurious hair will be yours to wash, brush and style just as if it were your own.

Extensions by strand- Single Strands are sold for $10 a piece and can be used to add a pop of color to your already existing style. The best part about choosing funky colored strands is they don't fade like traditional primary color hair dyes. The color of the strand will last the full and vibrant life of the extension. This is ideal for children or young teens who want some funk to their exiting natural hair. Parents know they are not ruining their hair with harsh chemicals from bleaching and staining the hair.

Fill and Removal-Extensions are removed the same way there are applied. Strand by strand with a removal solution and bond crunch tool. Removal doesn't cause any damage to the hair. Natural hair will be longer and more luscious after removal because the keratin bond protects the strand as the extension is worn over time the strands will slide out on their own but can last up to 6 months. Up kept filled hair can last even longer with regular check ups. We recommend a fill every two to three months.

Care-For lasting results it is imperative that your new extensions are dried immediately after being wet or washed. Wet bonds can cause the strand to weaken and loose its integrity therefore shortening the duration of your locks. Regular brushing from the bond down the length is recommended. This regular brushing aids in an easy transition as your hair naturally grows by making sure new strands don't tangle in the bonded hair. Please refer to our extension care                                                                             guide with specific at home care regimen.